“Mrs. Pettyjohn’s School of knowledge” Chapter 8

Trevor and Ngame were in the dining hall speaking in hushed tones when Mrs. Pettyjohn approached their table. Nina Pettyjohn was dressed in a black silk dress. Her elegant dress greatly resembled the dresses portrayed in the movies as a witches dress, with its high starched collar and sleeves puffed to the elbow, then tapering down to a V over her long delicate fingers. The movies had it wrong. This dress was known as the United Galaxy Alliance’s uniform, to be worn in times of war only.

“I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. You Ngame, for taking surveillance flight when you sensed something was amiss, and you Trevor, when you hyper-morphed back here so that we could be instantly informed of what was going on,” Nina Pettyjohn told them.

“Then why doesn’t it feel like I did the right thing? I should be with my friends, not here eating dinner as if nothing is wrong,” Trevor slammed his fist on the table in anguish, his chin quivering as he struggled to keep from crying.

“Yes ma’am, we know we did what we thought was best for everyone at the time, but now we feel like we deserted them. Will we be able to help them, to get them back?” Ngame hung her head as her tears began to fall, making a thumping sound as they hit the table.

“I have spoken to the leaders of almost all the inhabited planets throughout many galaxies, over the last few hours, and they have authorized me to do whatever necessary to bring my students, your friends, home. We will do exactly that,” Mrs. Pettyjohn resolutely told them.

“Now I want you to eat your dinner and try to get a few hours rest. I want everyone rested and refreshed for tonight. Tonight we will go to this place where they are holding Andrew and the girls, and bring them home,” Lord willing, Nina thought as she patted them on their backs and walked away.

“Mrs. Pettyjohn, wait,” Ngame said excitedly as both she and Trevor motioned for her to return to their table.

Turning around to look at the two children, she saw their faces were intensely focused inwards. Nina knew this could mean only one thing; they were receiving a telepathic message.  Walking quickly to their table, Nina approached them, but did not speak. She knew that when they were finished talking, to whom ever it was they would inform her of their reason for calling her back.

“Ngame Akan, can you hear me?” Dr. Arababe silently called out.

Mirra was sitting at her desk trying to relax and focus her thoughts out into the evening, to someone she did not personally know, something she had never attempted to do in her life. After fifteen minutes of calling out to Ngame, she had the feeling that perhaps she was heard, but was being ignored. Wasn’t this what she did when she didn’t know the number that showed on her caller ID? Ngame may be ignoring her simply because she did not know her. Hence, Mirra decided to try once again, but with a slight difference, she would leave a message.  

Earlier Mira and Sherri had silently discussed the children’s mind merging ability and both had decided to never speak aloud on the subject, for the protection of the children as well as for themselves.

“Sherrie, I think we should try leaving a more in-depth message this time. It is possible that they are not answering us because they do not know us.”

“Well I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try. Either it’s that, or we are just not strong enough to reach them. You know Mirra, they are just children and they could be wrong about us being telepathic.”

“Humm, yes of course there is always that possibility, but as a scientist I feel I must continue trying to reach Ngame,” Mirra said.

“Yeah me too, just thinking about talking to someone other than you using telepathy is enough to keep me trying to reach this Trevor Argali,” Sherri said as she sipped her diet coke, and tried to tamp her excitement down enough to focus on contacting Trevor.

“Ngame Akan, I am Dr. Mirra Arababe and I want to help. I am here with Missy, Jinnee, Nancy and Andrew and I have promised to try to reach you. Please talk with me…”

Mirra words were cut short when she heard a young girl’s voice as clear as if she was standing next to her.

“How do I know you want to help them? I don’t know you, and I sure don’t trust you or any of those bad military people who took my friends,” Ngame said vehemently.

Mirra blanched at the anger she sensed in Ngame’s voice, but she understood and agreed with the reasoning behind it. “I do not expect you to believe or trust me Ngame. However, I promised Andrew and the girls I would contact you, if I could.”

“What did Nancy want you to tell me?”

“Just that they were alright for now, and that there were at least two people, other than myself, willing to try to help them escape from here. Andrew told me that if I could contact you, you would know that I was a telepath and like you, I must keep my talent hidden from others here on earth,” Mirra told her.

“How many telepaths are there, other than you?” Ngame asked.

“A friend of mine, her name is Sherri Norman. She is trying to reach Trevor at this moment.”
Mirra was beginning to think Ngame was not going to say anything else, when she finally heard her again.

“Will you tell me where they are holding my friends?”

Mirra went into detail describing where the military had taken the children to, as well as the location of the hidden entrance. She then said, “Ngame, it is not safe for you or any of the others to come here. I don’t know how we will get your friends out of here, but your being captured would not help them and only serve to hurt more of you. Let me see what we can figure out, and then I will get back to you. Is there anything you want me to tell Andrew or the girls?”

“Yes, if you would just give them our love and tell them… all wear the black, until your return,” Ngame said cryptically.

“I will give them your message. And Ngame I give you my word of honor that I will do everything to protect your friends, and see them returned home safely. I cannot promise their return, only that I will try,” Mirra said, with sincerity in her voice.

Ngame’s face was ashen as she disconnected her mind from the stranger and turned to Trevor to see if he was still speaking with Sherri Norman, the friend Dr. Mirra Arababe had told her about.

Trevor’s normally warm sun freckled skin appeared whiter than normal to her, and he had a look on his face that mirrored her feelings.

“Why did you call me, and to whom were you speaking with,” Mrs. Pettyjohn said, directing her question to either one.

“I was summoned by a woman who said her name was Dr. Mirra Arababe,” Ngame answered.

“Was she someone from your home planet? My goodness, I did not know there were others on their way here. I would have thought all transports were canceled, however I suppose some of the closer transports could have been diverted south…”

“Mrs. Pettyjohn,” Ngame interrupted.

“It was not someone who I knew, but someone who is at that secret base, with Nancy and the others.”

“There are others like us there?” Nina Pettyjohn’s anger was beginning to rise, “Did they tell you how many others were there? How are the children, are they alright? Oh jumping asteroids, are their more children there also?”

Nancy shook her head then said, “She said that they were alright for now, she was going to try to help them get away from there.”

Mrs. Pettyjohn asked Ngame for all the details of her conversation, then asked, “Was that all she said to you? Did she ask you any questions about us or our whereabouts?”

“No, she did not try to get any information at all from me.  As I told you, she sounded to me as if she truly wanted to help; and she did give an accurate description of where they had taken them.”

“Did she now? Well that is something to think about, however I do not think we should trust her with any information at this time. I believe I will discuss this with Mr. Tolliver and the elders, before any decisions are made concerning Dr. Mirra Arababe,’ Nina said thoughtfully.

“Were you able to listen in on the conversation Trevor? It appeared that you were speaking with someone also.”

“No ma’am, I mean I was talking with someone, but she said her name was Sherri Norman. She told me the same thing about Andrew and the girls, but she said Missy was pretty scared. She also told me about another doctor they have there…, I think she said his name was Dr. Monroe, and that he was bad. She said that Dr. Arababe was going to try to keep him away from our friends as much as she could. She sounded real nice, and she even asked if I wanted her to tell my friends anything. Before we broke connection, she told me they were going to try to leave there real soon,” Trevor said, looking up at Mrs. Pettyjohn with a hopeful expression on his face.

“Let us hope these ladies are truly good humans, however if they do get in touch with you again, do not tell them anything. Listen to what they have to say and inform me immediately. Now children please do try to eat and lie down for a while. I want everyone here rested when it is time for us to act,” Mrs. Pettyjohn said, then headed towards her office to place calls of her own.

“You were right Andrew; we were able to speak with your friends telepathically,” Mirra told him from behind the observation console.

Andrew hurriedly sat up, and then remembering to act casual he looked around at the few people walking past or working at different stations.

“Did you talk with Trevor or Ngame?”

“Sherrie talked with Trevor, while I spoke to Ngame. I was afraid she wouldn’t speak with me, but after a while she decided to answer me.

“What did you tell them?’ Nancy asked.

“I told them you were all safe, for now, and that we would do our best to try to keep all of you safe. I also told her that we were going to see what we could do about getting you out of this place and safely home, Mirra told them, fervently hopeful that she, and Sherri, would be able to just that.

“Before anyone else could say anything, PFC Barrett approached Mirra, along with the lab tech, Sara; Mirra had met earlier in Missy’s cell.

“Here are the results from the first tests we ran on the children. If you do not need me for anything right now, I want to take my dinner break, if that is alright with you Dr. Arababe?” Sara said smiling as she handed the clipboard to Mirra.

“Thank you for getting these done so quickly Sara. I do not need you to do anything at this time, so of course you may go to dinner,” Mirra said after she had looked down at the papers Sara had handed to her. There on top of the clipboard was a note, requesting that she bring the clipboard with her for a meeting in her office. The note also said that if she did not trust Sherri, then she was to give her some busy work, so they would have time to talk. Mirra informed Sherri of the note, and informed the children they would return to finish their conversation after their meeting.

As they started to leave for Mirra’s office, Jinnee’s shy voice rang loud in their minds, “Ma’am, if it won’t take long, could you tell us if anyone sent us a message?”

“Oh dear, I am so sorry, yes Ngame said to tell you, ‘all wear the black, until your return.’ I believe that was all she specifically said to tell you.”

Mirra and Sherri, once again, turned to head for her office when they heard the children’s collective gasps.

“Does that mean something that I am not aware of?” Mirra asked.

Clearing his throat, and sounding rather nervous, Andrew said, “It means war, if we do not return home quickly. The multi-universe will unite, and wage war on earth. It also means the end of your world.”

To be continued…


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