Journal #144

I have neglected my journal entries, once again…, shame on me! Yes, I truly mean it. There is simply no excuse for not writing in my journal, especially since it only takes a few minutes to recap my writing, and idea’s which I have come up with that day. I have spent the last couple of days doing research. I read somewhere that if it wasn’t for researching and rewriting, an author could finish a book in just a few months. I am learning the hard way just how true that is. No matter what genre I favor, at the moment, I find that I must research any and all tidbits of information that I use in the story. Example: I needed a cavern under Candace’s house, in East Texas. The question would then be, are there caverns in East Texas? Answer: There are…, however, perhaps there are none in the area that I chose to put Candace in, but because there is the possibility of one being there, then it is plausible. Then the next step is; who would be the first person/ people to have found the cavern in her area…, Common sense, and history classes have told me it would have been Indians. Now it is time to research Indians in east Texas… I could go on and on, but I am sure you get the idea. Researching is time-consuming and fun. Now that is something I would have never thought I would say, especially considering how much I hated studying history in school.


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