Journal #146

Just posted chapter 20 of “The Bar,” this evening, and now I am starting to work on the play I find I am muddling through. I am going to keep working at writing it tonight and tomorrow. I am hopefully going to have it finished this week, and turn it in this week-end. I also have to write the next chapter of “Mrs Pettyjohn’s School of knowledge,” this week. I have a couple of stories I need/ want to write if I have enough time to get them done. The problem is that I am a reading fanatic/ addict, and I need to get my book fix in also. Gee, but that sounds bad. Perhaps I should erase that sentence, but the truth is the truth.  Ask my husband if you do not believe me, but I will actually become depressed if I do not have a book to read, as in depressed enough to cry. I just finished reading “Monster Hunter international,” by Larry Correia, and it is a wonderfully written sci-fi book. If you want to be on the edge of your seat, and bite your fingernails for hours, this is the book for you. It beats the movie (I don’t know if it came from a book,) “aliens,” hands down/ no contest.


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