Journal #149

I finished Chapter 9 of “Mrs. Pettyjohn’s School of knowledge today, so tomorrow I think I will take the day off from writing. Three days spent in a chair writing all day for ten hours is about all I can stand before needing a break. I started on a new story, which I have named “The Trouble with Nina,” but for now it is just in the planning stage. At this point in my brainstorming, I am not sure which plot or genre to choose. I know that I do not wish to write a romance novel, simply because I cannot stand syrupy love scenes in the stories I like to read. That type of book bores me. Nina is a brilliant sixteen year old adult, whose sister is a boy-crazed, harebrained, eighteen years old child. From there on in the story, I am not sure which way, if any, that I will go.


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