Journal #152

After writing and rewriting my story, I finally decided to give up on it and start over. I hate when this happens, but it is to be expected, however I do not have to like it. I think I will try to forget about it and start over on Monday. Sometimes I think I need to write a story using a totally different genre for a while. Oh well, at least it is something to think about.



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2 responses to “Journal #152

  1. Donna Griggs

    You’ll come up with something. I was reading just this week that if we don’t like what we are writing, then our readers probably won’t either, so you did the best thing. I know you’ll do well. Take care. Thinking about you and praying. Have a GREAT weekend. I’m suppose to go with my grandson to see the Dinosaurs at the Zoo early tomorrow morning. Should be fun!

    • Hi Donna,
      I have never read that, but it is something that I truly believe. Thank you for your moral support, I think we all need a word of encouragement every once in a while. I know you cherish the time you spend with your grandchildren, and I love reading about the time you spend with them, on your blog.

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