Journal #155

Just posted chapter XXI of “The Bar” this morning. I have spent the last few days rereading the stories I have posted in the past, and I have learned one important thing. No matter how I felt about a story that I was writing at the time, I can now see the need to rewrite, and correct each and every one of them. Dr. French once told my class that by keeping your journal, blog, or both, that she could see how much we were improving our writing skills over a period of time. What she didn’t tell us, was that if we went back and reread them, months later, that we would be able to see it for ourselves. These last few days have been an eye opener for me. I am not pleased with what I discovered about my writing, but I know that it has shown me where I need a lot of work. Perhaps I will learn something from rewriting all these stories, and become a better writer. I can only tell you that if you want to know how well something you have written is, then put it aside for a few months, continue writing, then go back and reread your first stories. If you are still pleased with your previous work, then you are either ready to publish, or you are simply lying to yourself. Since I am not willing to lie, I will just say my writing was mediocre at it’s best. I am going to start tomorrow trying to rectify this problem if I can. I only hope one day I will finally be happy with my previous stories. If not, then I suppose I will just keep trudging on rewriting…, rewriting…, etc.


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