Singapore Sweet and Sour Chicken

2 Cups Rice (your choice) cook rice following directions on package.


1 Chicken, de-boned and cut into bite size pieces for frying (or use chicken breasts, cut up)

1 Bell Pepper, cut in bite size pieces

1 Teaspoon chopped Ginger Root

1 dried, hot, Red Pepper (optional) Cut in four pieces or left whole, for less heat.

1/2 Onion, cut in bite size pieces

2 cups fFesh Brocoli, cut into bite size pieces

1  Medium Tomato, cut into bite size pieces

1 Can of Pineapple pieces, drain juice and save to make sweet and sour sauce (Recipe follows)

Fry chicken in 2 tablespoons of canola oil, when done, remove from pan,  and fry all other ingredients for five minutes, or till onions are translucent. Add chicken back to the pan, cover and remove from heat. Prepare Sweet and Sour Sauce, then turn burner back on and reheat chicken and vegetables, add sauce and remove from heat when hot. Serve over rice.

Sweet and Sour Sauce;

2/3 Cup Sugar

1/2 Cup Vinegar

1/4th Cup Ketchup

Juice from can of pineapples

1/4 Cup Light Soy Sauce (optional)

2 or 3 Tablespoons

1 Cup Water, minus a small amount to dissolve cornstarch for thickening

In small sauce pan combine all ingredients, except for cornstarch and the small amount of water. Cook over medium heat until some of the vinegar cooks off, (about 10 minutes.) Add cornstarch to small amount of water and mix well. slowly add to sauce, stirring constantly. When sauce has thicken to desired thickness, remove from heat and add to chicken and vegetables.


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  1. Sounds great! I love the sauce and all the veggies.

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