“Mrs. Pettyjohn,s School of Knowledge” Chapter 11

“Who called this meeting Seth?” Bertha asked impatiently.

“I did Bertha. I think we need to discuss what happened last night.”

“That’s silly and you know it Seth Williamson. Those aliens were going to try to take over the world, but my mother and Uncle Jim stopped them, with my help of course,” Bertha said indignantly.

“How come you’re so sure they’re aliens today, Bertha, when last night you were saying you thought they were?” Seth asked between clenched teeth.

They were walking through thick trees and underbrush, heading farther out into the woods as she talked. Bertha talked on and on about her uncle and how smart he was, and how that if her uncle said they were aliens, then even the president believed him. All the time she prattled on, Seth was carefully making sure that they were not leaving an easy trail to follow.

After they had walked for almost an hour, Bertha stopped and started looking around.

“Where are we going Seth?”

“Old man Wilson’s in the hospital, so he asked my mom if she would send me to feed his livestock each day, and milk his cows. I thought it would be better to use his barn for our meeting today. Good idea right?” Seth said smiling.

“Well, I suppose it’s alright, but the next time ask me first,” Bertha said as if she was the boss of everyone and everything.

Seth felt his temper rising. Just as he started to let her know exactly what he thought of her Laura and Tina Johnson came through another thicket of bushes and yelled at them.

“This may be a great place to hold a private meeting, but it sure is a long way from town,” Laura said, pulling twigs and leaves out of her long golden tresses.

“If anyone would have bothered asking me for my opinion…,” Bertha paused giving the girls a pointed look, then continued, “I would have chosen a closer place for our meeting.”

“I think this is a wonderful place to hold a secret meeting. Everyone knows that if you want to hold secret meetings you need to go somewhere they would never think of,” Laura said, but was thinking, especially you and your mother.

When the four of them stepped into the dimly lit barn, two unseen children stepped out of the shadows.

“So Bertha, we were wondering if you were proud of yourself today,” Ngame said looking justly irate.

Bertha jumped and squealed as she looked into the faces of two strangers. Looking into the angry faces of Trevor and Ngame, Bertha felt the blood drain from her face. Turning back towards the barn door, she was preparing to run when she saw there was no place to run. There were at least
thirty kids standing there, just staring at her, and not a one of them looking happy.

“I-, I, d-don’t k-know what y-your t-talking about,” Bertha managed to stammer out.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell them the truth now?” Billy Johnson yelled at Bertha.

Stepping in closer to Bertha, Laura coaxed, “Bertha, don’t be stupid. You know what you did was wrong.  Now, your uncle is hurting their friends, maybe even torturing them. For once in your selfish life, do something good. Tell them everything you know about what is happening to their friends.”

“I’m not selfish, and they’re going to get exactly what they deserve. My uncle will find me and all of you will go to jail for the rest of your lives,” Bertha cried out bitterly.

“I don’t understand why you think we deserve what your uncle, or the government has in mind for us, however I do believe you need to understand that we will not sit around and allow it to happen,” Ngame told Bertha.

As Ngame stepped in closer to Bertha, there were brilliant multi-color flashes of lights, as over a hundred children hyper-morphed into the large barn.

Bertha gasped as she saw the brilliant flashes of lights. Standing before her were more children than she could possibly count, all dressed in black, and looking wickedly dangerous. There were some children releasing small bursts of flames, lightening, and water. While she stood there gasping at the sight before her, she noticed others who were part human, and part animal, and
even kids she could see through.

“I think it is time we show you what aliens are capable of,” Trevor said, as he moved in closer to Bertha his skin started to glow then became as bright as the early morning sun. Shading her eyes, Bertha felt heat coming from him, she began to sweat profusely, and shake with fear.

“I could burn you to death, if I was as evil as you, but I’m not, so take this as a warning. Leave us alone!”  Trevor roared.

Seth and the other children from town had already seen what Trevor and some of the other kids could do, but it impressed and scared him anyway.

“Tell them what they want to know Bertha. If they were here to hurt us, they would have a long time ago. Their school was on Arcane Mountain long before our ancestors moved here,” Seth begged her.

When Bertha didn’t say anything, some of the other children from the mountain stepped in closer. There were others like Trevor who glowed, but what frightened her most, was when a group of girls, none looking older than ten years old, stepped up and proceeded to turn into lionesses, then they roared.

Bertha fell to the floor crying. When Ngame asked her once again for any information she could give them, Bertha shook her head.

“We don’t need you to tell us anything, but we thought we would at least give you the chance to finally do something for someone other than yourself. You know Bertha, I feel sorry for people like you,” Trevor said sadly.

Ngame went to Bertha, taking hold of her elbow, helping her to stand.
Using the power of her mind, she probed and cleansed Bertha’s mind the best she

“Stand up Bertha, we won’t hurt you. We were just showing you a small bit of what we are capable of. Do you truly believe that we could not destroy all of mankind if we wished? There are so many ways to destroy a planet, and yet we have left you alone. Why then, didn’t you not leave us alone

After a few moments, and Bertha not saying anything, Ngame led Bertha across the barn.

“Come and sit on that bale of hay, I think you will need to rest for a little while, and forget all you have seen here today,” Ngame said as she helped a dazed Bertha down on the hay.

“She will sleep until you come for her Seth. I wiped her mind clean of any thoughts about us, and what she suspected was going on in our school,” Ngame said, as her friends left the barn, the same way they had entered.

“Were you able to help her?” Lucy Laurence asked hopefully.

“I’m sorry Lucy, some people are simply evil, and there is no helping them. If I would have cleansed her mind of all her hateful thoughts, there would have been nothing left,” Ngame said sadly.

“Thank you for trying Ngame, I know we don’t deserve your help, but thank you,” Lucy said as she hugged Ngame.

Ngame was touched by the small gesture, and felt tears form behind her eyelids. Struggling to keep from shedding tears, Ngame said, “I wish I could have done more. We need to get back to the school, and you guys need to get back to town before you’re missed.”

“Yeah, I guess we had better circle around and come back into town from another direction, that way no one will guess we had anything to do with Bertha’s disappearance.” Seth said, wishing Ngame would hug him, as he left the barn.

“I guess there is nothing left to do here,” Trevor said as he looked at the sleeping form of Bertha.

Ngame was watching the town’s children’s retreating forms, when she turned to look at Trevor.

“I like them Trevor. They are really good people. Isn’t it sad how Bertha almost made them as bad as her?”

“Were you able to help them, at least?” Trevor asked.

“I think so, I just suggested that they were to never follow anyone who would lead them to hate or harm others,” Ngame said smiling.

“Great, now I think we had better hurry. It is almost time for step two in the plan, and we need to be there in case Dr. Arababe needs us…

“Dr. Arababe,” PFC Barrett, said as he walked towards her. “I just saw General Anderson driving off. What caused him to leave so quickly?”

“It seems he just learned his dear sweet sister needed him, as his niece is missing,” Mirra said with a small laugh.

“I hope those kids know what they’re doing. How long do you need to clean everything up here, so that we can leave?” PFC Bradley Barrett asked her.

“Give me twenty minutes to clear any information off my computer and get the kids, then we’ll be ready to leave,” Mirra told him.

Mirra had decided that since she would soon be a hunted criminal anyway, she may as well take her small laptop computer when she left. She had set two separate passwords to obtain entry into her computer. One was to enable her to maintain a secret area, one in which she kept information she would share with no one here on the base. The other she used when anyone was close when she turned her computer on. This was her only proof of what happened in this place, and hopefully one day she would find a way to use it against General Anderson, and possible the president and his cronies.

As Mirra erased all she could from the main computer, she heard Andrew in her mind, “Dr. Arababe…, what are you doing with that computer?”

“I’m trying to get rid of any information that I can before we leave, but I’m afraid I can’t get rid of it all’ Mirra said exasperated.

“If you’ll open the door I’ll do it for you,” Andrew said with confidence.

“You know how to do this?”

“Yes ma’am, I know a lot about computers. But with these computers here, I will just burn them up,” Andrew said happily.

Mirra sat down at the computer terminal again, and started typing the code that would open the cell doors. After a few moments, and with nothing happening, Mirra once again typed in the code. This time a warning appeared. The warning read…, Warning, you are not authorized access. Continual effort to access unauthorized areas will be reported to General Anderson…

“Oh no,” Mirra gasped aloud.

“What’s wrong?” Sherrie asked, as she came up behind Mirra.

Mirra turned to see Sherrie, Sara, and PFC Barrett standing behind

“Anderson revoked my access to the children’s cell doors. There’s no way to get them out of there tonight,” Mirra told them, sounding as if she was
about to cry.

Sherrie groaned in disbelief, “Why would he do such a thing? I thought he wanted us to run tests on the children tonight.”

“I thought so too, apparently, he lied, or simply changed his mind,” Mirra said as she sighed, and pointed her index finger to the warning on the screen.

PFC Barrett looked towards the glass cages to see the children staring intently at them.

“Have you told the kids yet?” He asked her.

“Not yet, but I’m sure they already know what’s going on,” Mirra

“They know,” Sara said crying.

“They also know about Hedrick Lieberman’s torture devices, and that he’s coming here tomorrow. Nancy must have listened in on our conversation, when we were in the office, because she asked me about it a little while ago. I told her we were working out a way to get them out of here tonight,” Sherrie confessed.

Mirra walked towards the children’s small cells, her hopes gone, she found it hard to smile.

“I’m so sorry children. We have no way to open these doors. As you know, Anderson revoked my authority to open your doors. I don’t know what to do now, or if there is anything we can do.”

“Andrew smiled at Mirra and said, “If we can get out of these rooms, is everything in place for us to leave?”

“PFC Barrett moved up beside Mirra, and said, “Sherrie explained how you two are able to talk to the children,” he whispered.

“So I was wondering if you would mind being a sort of go-between, so that I could speak with them. I may have an idea,” Barrett mumbled.

“Sure, it won’t hurt to try, even if your idea doesn’t work,” Mirra told him.

“Ask them if they have any talents that would help us get them out of there.”

Mirra asked the children, and then relayed their answer.

“Andrew said they may be able to get out, if we were ready to leave,” Mirra told him.

“Ok, tell him I need five minutes, and then everything will be set to go. Also, are their people here yet?” He asked Mirra.

“I spoke with Ngame a few minutes ago, and she said they were all in place. She told me that Mrs. Pettyjohn wanted to know right before we leave the building.”

PFC Barrett took off at a jog, and Sherrie returned to Mirra’s side with her few important belongings in a small backpack. In her hands she held Mirra’s laptop bag and backpack.

“I brought your bags, the only thing left to do is wipe out the memory of all the computers,” Sherrie told her.

“Were ready to go also, and I destroyed all the blood and tissue samples in the lab. All we have to do now is get the heck out of here,” Sara said as she walked up to them.

“We’re waiting for PFC Barrett, then for the children to get out of these cages,” Sherrie told Sara.

“I’m finished,” Bradley said when he jogged up to them.

“Tell the kids to do whatever it is they need to do, to get out of there,” Bradley said.

The four children stood up, all of them started glowing. Jinnee walked to the wall of her cell that was next to Andrew’s, and placed her hands on the wall. Mirra and the others were shocked to see Jinnee’s body glowing brighter than before, and then fire leapt from the ends of her fingers.

In a few seconds, the wall between her and Andrew melted away. Andrew walked into her cell, and then the two of them walked to the opposite wall. Andrew placed his hand on Jinnee’s back and their glow became even brighter than it had been when she was working alone. In less time than before, they were through the wall into Nancy’s little cell. In turn, they all joined their touch to Jinnee’s back, and the glow issuing from the children was distinctly brighter than before, as they entered Missy’s cell. Once there, all the children touched Jinnee, and the wall between the adult’s dissolved under Jinnee’s fiery touch. Their glow was so bright, Mirra and the other’s had to look away.

Andrew and Nancy grabbed Jinnee as she slumped over in exhaustion. Bradley moved quickly to the children and picked up the small girl.

“Does this always happen when she uses her talent?” Bradley asked them.

“Yeah, it’s always tiring when you use that much power; at least it is for kids. Mrs. Pettyjohn said we just need more practice,” Nancy told him.

“Ok Andrew, do whatever it is you need to do, to mess up those computers, then let’s get out of here,” Mirra told him.

Andrew grinned and said, “No problem, I have always ruined computers when I touched them. Mrs. Pettyjohn said that people with Zeus Fire abilities had too much electricity to be allowed into the computer room. Just lead me to each computer that you want to wipe clean.”

When Andrew laid his hand on the computer’s system unit, smoke erupted from the box.

“That one’s fried,” he said with a grin, and continued following Sara to each terminal.

To be continued…


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