Journal #159

Wow! it has been such a long time since I have written in this journal, but I had decided to take off for the summer break. It feels as though I haven’t written for months, and I find that I miss writing. I must tell the truth, so when I say that I have not had a new story idea pop into my mind at all these last few week, unfortunately it is the truth. The only good thing about my summer vacation is that I have immersed myself into my reading, and I do love to read. One of my favorite authors, J.D. Rob, (Nora Roberts,) is due to release her latest FBI book on June 28th and I can hardly wait. Of course if I had it my way I would have her write a book a week, but sadly it is not possible for her to do so. J.K. Rowling is to announce her latest book in the Harry Potter series soon, or so I have been told. Now that is a book I will gladly buy, when it is finally offered. I loved the movies of course, however the books are always better, in my opinion. I have just discovered F. Paul Wilson and his “Repairman Jack” series which are wonderfully written. Hid genre is sci-fi and his style is easy-going and personable. I truly felt as if I personally got to know Jack and the crew while reading his books. To me, and my way of thinking, this is the sign I look for in my ‘A’ list authors. I am going to try to wait till classes start-up before I start back writing my stories, however… whether I can or not remains to be seen. I hope everyone’s summer is their personal best.


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