Story Magic

Story Magic is about how I, as the author, visualize my own personal daily life and imagination. Without imagination this world would not have anything to offer us. Reality is great, but that is where we live most of our lives. When we step into the world of Creative Writing, we leave our worries, concerns and troubles behind. A whole new world opens up before our eyes and for a while we can go anywhere in any world, universe or life to experience and enjoy what it has to offer. I hope those who travel in my make-believe worlds find and experience the joy that I had in writing them.


2 responses to “Story Magic

  1. The world is at times cruel, dirty, and unforgiving and it’s nice to escape into another world so to speak even for just a while.

  2. Well said! Creation makes me feel like a kid again. It is a great escape… Your blog looks great, by the way.

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