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“Wise, Wiser, Wisest of All “


Tis a lovely story that wise men own it all,

 Tis an even better story that a wiser woman rules the hall,

 Tis a greater story that wise men who owned it all,

Came to call on the wiser woman, who rules the hall,

 Tis the greatest story that the wiser woman who rules the hall,

Sent the wise men, who owned it all, and who came to call,

Wisely out of her hall,

 But the greatest story, the grandest one of all,

Is about the wiser woman who rules the hall,

And how she wisely paid the wise men, the ones who owned it all,

The price they were asking for the hall,

And now she is the wisest woman, who wisely owns it all.



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“Come With Me”

All of the wonders of the world,

I am patiently waiting to see.

But for now I will wait, for now this pencil I will twirl.

This pencil will lead me to places I never thought could be.

Where will we go, what wonders will unfurl,

Will you stay ever so close beside me?

I wish to explore for I am a traveling girl.

These places you speak of, I wish to see,

Unimaginable places I tell you I can produce,

Whether it be past, present, or future time,

Perhaps we’ll conquer lands or maybe settle for a truce?

When you are ready, I’ll show you, just give me a sign.

To travel to frightening worlds, the kind you can induce,

What wonders we would see from any time line,

If we are afraid at anytime, lets climb a tree of spruce,

I cannot wait no longer for now is the perfect time,

And come with me to this world unexplored.

Where life is busy and fast paced,

But when time comes, we can break and catch some snores.

Don’t take too long, because now we are being chased,

Tarry no longer lets hurry, I do implore,

Time moves so quickly, we must make haste,

And when it is time to rest, I promise to not be bored,

I will run fast as the wind, of me the monsters will not taste,

For giving to the poor, and robbing the rich,

They are right on our trails, so run run run,

Hurry, for here comes the Shanking Witch!

No worries. We can escape with this harpoon gun,

The rich have never had to spend the night in a ditch’

I am so frighten, this is not fun,

I wonder if the wicked old witch was one of the rich,

So hurry to fire that gun, for I wish no more to run,

And flee to the open seas,

Where giant krakens are to fear.

We’ll clash and we’ll triumph so be at ease,

Can you hear that? The villagers cheer?

I wish to have calm seas if you please,

I heard the Krakens were sweet dears,

I wish there was a cooler breeze,

I think what you hear is not clear,

We are the heroes, you and I.

This is our adventure this is our story,

I was our guide, so now you give it a try.

Take me to your world, and all of its wondrous glory.

Heroes we may be, next time I want to fly,

Our travels were great, I told you not to worry,

I will take you to places where our trip will not go awry,

My world is filled with fairies, come now lets hurry.


Jenny Prany 12.6.10


CR. Moore 12.06.10

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“Your Future Employer”

Your future employer says,

If you want to succeed in life,

And if you want a job from me,

It all depends on how you deal with college.

Treat it as though it boring,

That it is just something you have to do,

I will not want you in my office,

If you will not do all the work,

Your professors assigned to you,

I will not want you to be my builder.

If some homework is good enough,

Half is all you are willing to do,

Then computer jobs are not for you,

If you leave out the hardest parts,

Turn in a jumbled mess,

I will not hire you as a mechanic,

If you are lazy and hateful to,

As a nurse you will never do,

A low G.P.A. is ok with you,

I will not accept you for a doctor.

If you show all through school,

You have no pride in all you do,

Then tell my why would I hire you?

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“The Sparkle In My Mind”

From out of the dark, deep in my mind,

A tiny sparkle flickered, trying to shine,

I thought at first, it could not be,

Humph, I said, there is no sparkle in me,

Then that sparkle did flicker again,

Is it a thought, a plan, a story deep within,

Never had there been a sparkle inside of me,

I decided to give it a chance and see,

I picked up a pen, deciding to do my best,

Putting pen to paper, my sparkle did the rest,

As I wrote all through that long night,

My sparkle began to burn, ever so bright,

When the morning sun, shone down on me,

I put down my pen, looked at the paper to see,

There on my paper was a wonderful sight,

It was a story I saw, to my heartfelt delight,

So now, when that little sparkle starts to shine,

I pick up my pen and open my mind.


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“Hayden and Grandpa’s Jungle Trip”

Once upon a time, only yesterday I think,

Out in the yard before I could blink,

Grandpa and I went on a trip,

We were wading through the grass up to my hip.

Once in the yard the magic did start,

When through the mist the curtain did part,

Through time and space our trip did begin,

I was glad my Grandpa was also my friend.

When up with a start came the wind,

My heart started to race my life to defend,

What sounded like drums I thought I did hear,

I truly was hoping it was not a bear.

Grandpa held my hand and to my delight,

He held on tight and chased away my fright,

I became stronger because Grandpa was near,

I was not afraid of a silly old bear.

Grandpa pointed to what I soon saw was a deer,

I had nothing to fear with my Grandpa so near,

Now wasn’t that silly I thought to myself,

The sweet little deer was cute as an elf.

Soon the jungle we had to leave,

Grandpa said Grandma a story would weave,

Night was coming too quick see,

Tonight in bed there would be another trip for me.

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“I Am Woman”

I am woman hear my lore,

You will see me here and there,

You will see me everywhere.

I am woman hear my score,

I am woman I shall apprise,

Because I will share.

I am woman I shall arise,

Because I will care,

I am woman not always right,

Inside my burden to bare,

I am woman I will fight,

Inside my scars to wear.

I am woman I am free,

Because I am fair,

I am woman I am me,

Because I am aware.

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I took a trip with Mama,
We went to see my Grandpa,
To a place, she called the home,
And he lived there all alone,
Come sit with me, my sweet girl,
Then in his lap, I did curl,
Now darling don’t look so sad,
Truly, not all is so bad,
When you really want to play,
Even on a rain-soaked day,
When the clouds hide the sun,
And you want to have some fun,
Just travel to foreign lands,
Ride camels in distant sands,
Travel with the brothers Grimm,
With the Seven Swans you can swim,
There is a Secret Garden,
Mrs. Hodgson will let you in,
Let Jason take you to see,
The Golden Fleece in a tree,
How about a trip to Mars,
Just reach out and touch the stars,
There’s a man named Andersen,
Travel with him, you will grin,
To the Garden of Paradise,
Now, that trip was very nice,
Adventures in Wonderland,
Alice takes you by the hand,
Percy Jackson goes to school,
There he proves he is no fool,,
Fly the skies with Pegasus,
Mama will not even fuss,
There are many places to go,
Books are the way to make it so


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